Describe Trail Maintenance Work Done (i.e. Inspection, Blazing, Clipping, Litter Patrol, Invasive Species Monitoring, etc.
Describe any trail problems for which you need additional assistance, such as Trail overgrown, Flooding, Downed trees, Damaged or missing signs, Kiosk maintenance, Invasive species control, Boardwalk repairs, Stone dust replenishment, etc.
Briefly describe the condition of this trail for recreation. This information will be shared with volunteers at the Visitor Center and Wildlife Observation Center so they can advise visitors.
Volunteer Names (Required)
List names of all volunteers (including yourself) who participated in the trail inspection for this report and their individual hours.

Thank you for your interest and effort in maintaining the trails at Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.

Don’t forget to report your volunteer hours in the Volunteer Hour Log Book at the Helen C. Fenske Visitor Center.